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Kriteria pemilihan MM dipertikaikan MCA

Date: 13 Dec 1999
Time: 00:59:06


Wanita MCA has called for the criteria for the selection of Cabinet members to be made known so that women within the Barisan Nasional "can better equip" themselves.

Expressing disappointment with the reduction of women ministers from three to two in the new Cabinet line-up even though there are now an unprecedented 20 women in Parliament, Wanita MCA chief Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen said: "We (women) have not made any inroads. So we, in the Barisan, have to ask ourselves how women have fallen short so that we can better equip ourselves," she said in an interview yesterday. "We would like to know what are the factors which determined the selection of Cabinet members."

+ Cuba lihat Wanita MCA berani bersuara tapi Wanita UMNO beku. Yang Pemuda UMNO juga lgi beku sebab seronok naik pangkat. Inilah yang dikatakan perjuangan. Buat untuk diri dulu kemudian tambah lagi sampai kenyang. Rakyat terus dilupakan.

Last changed: December 13, 1999