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Samy Tol beri alasan

Date: 13 Dec 1999
Time: 00:38:59


Malaysia to review highway construction in opposition state

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 13 (AFP) - Malaysia will review the construction of a proposed stretch of highway in a northeastern state won by the Islamic opposition party in last month's general elections, reports said Monday.

The move followed Parti Islam SeMalaysia's (PAS) decision to scrap all tolls after it won the state assembly of Terengganu in November 29 polls, said Works Minister S.Samy Vellu.

"This policy will create problems for us as we cannot impose toll charges even after having spent billions of ringgit to construct the highway," he was quoted as saying by The Sun newspaper.

His ministry will prepare a working paper that will be presented to the cabinet next month, he added.

The review covers the implementation of a partial stretch of the proposed 338 kilometer (563 mile) east coast highway running from Terengganu to central Pahang state, the newspaper said.

PAS emerged as the dominant opposition party after it won 27 parliamentary seats in the election. It also retained the northeastern state of Kelantan and captured neighbouring Terengganu.

Following its victory in Terengganu, PAS has abolished bridge tolls and taxes on residential properties. It also plans to halt gambling, limit alcohol sales and shut down entertainment centres in the state.

The PAS government has also proposed imposing a religious-based tax on non-Muslim businesses, sparking a storm of protest.

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