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Fadzil: Panel to check on ministers

Date: 12 Dec 1999
Time: 19:23:09


Fadzil: Panel to check on ministers

PETALING JAYA: The Barisan Alternatif will appoint a panel to monitor the performance of the portfolio held by each minister in the new Cabinet line-up.

Opposition Leader candidate Datuk Fadzil Nor said this was one way for Barisan Alternatif--which is made up of PAS, Keadilan, DAP and PRM--to ensure a "healthy democratic climate" of checks and balances and the right of dissent.

"The panel will be made up of all opposition MPs and other opposition leaders.

"At present, the establishment of the panel is still being outlined and the results will be announced soon," he said in a press statement yesterday.

Fadzil, who is also PAS president, was responding to the new Cabinet line-up announced by the Prime Minister on Friday, which saw nine new ministers being named and three ministers being dropped.

Criticising the Cabinet as smacking of cronyism and an unwillingness to face the challenges of the new millennium, he said the line-up failed to take into account the wishes of the people for change.

"Despite the Barisan Nasional having depended on the votes of the women to win, it was insulting for the Prime Minister to say no female MP is qualified to be chosen as a minister.

"The representation of the non-Malays in the Cabinet has also not changed.

"Nevertheless, on behalf of Barisan Alternatif, I would like to congratulate all those picked in the new line-up and to wish them all the best in their work," said Fadzil.

+ Dato Fadzil menunjukkan bahawa beliau layak menjadi seorang Ketua Pembangkang yang berwibawa.

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