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Shouldn't The Police Act To Prevent Violence?

Date: 09 Dec 1999
Time: 20:49:53


Shouldn't The Police Act To Prevent Violence?

Aliran is disturbed that a group of 15 unruly men had invaded the Malaysian Socialist Party (PSM) operations room in Jalan Lintang in Sungai Siput at 9.15pm last Friday, 3 December 1999. According to reports, these rowdies were abusive and threatened to "chop up" those who did not heed their warning to leave Sungai Siput.

In spite of several police reports, apparently no action was taken. We are unable to ascertain whether this inertia on the part of the police is politically-linked. It is alleged that these gangsters were obviously acting on behalf of Samy Vellu. It is claimed that these characters had "threatened to chop those who oppose Samy Vellu" and that they were also annoyed with the police reports lodged by PSM candidate Dr Kumar and others on election fraud allegedly committed by Samy Vellu".

What is disturbing is that the presence of the police did not deter the thugs from continuing with their harassment. The police merely looked on and did nothing.

And when they finally left, they warned "If you contest against Samy Vellu, we will chop you all".

Clearly there was intimidation and harassment; there was warning to cause bodily harm and a threat to their lives.

Isn't this conduct criminal in nature necessitating police intervention and prompt action?

And yet the Kuala Kangsar OCPD Supt Hamzah Shamsuddin was quoted as having said that the police did not take action because there was no violence.

Shouldn't the police act to prevent violence? Or must some one be seriously hurt before the police swing into action?

This is indeed perverse!

P. Ramakrishnan President

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