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Tuduhan Syed Hamid yang melulu

Date: 07 Dec 1999
Time: 19:28:43


+ bila Syed Hamid menuduh duta asing campur tangan dalam pilihanraya umum'99 tanpa bukti maka jelaslah bahawa para pemimpin UMNO tidak layak pimpin Malaysia lagi. Nampak sangat kita mahu bermusuh dengan negara lain.

Kita melihat Syed Hamid cuba menonjolkan diri. Dia ada agenda sulit untuk jadi calon Naib Presiden UMNO. Ini kita nampak.

Kita sudah tolak si melayu bangsat ini tapi malangnya orang melayu di Johor pilih dia lagi.

Malaysia again accuses diplomats of backing and funding opposition

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 7 (AFP) - Malaysia Tuesday again accused foreign diplomats of backing and funding opposition parties before last week's election and said it had sent a note to all missions raising its objections.

"We take strong exception to foreign missions providing moral and financial support to local political parties and NGOs associated with these parties," Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar told a press conference.

"We consider that these activities are unacceptable and an act of interference in Malaysia's domestic affairs."

He did not name any embassy.

The row began last month when a senior official of the ruling party youth wing said the US embassy and the high commissions (embassies) of Canada, Australia and Britain provided financial assistance and support to opposition leaders and non-governmental organisations.

All those missions denied funding any party or any NGO of a political nature and said following political developments was part of their normal duties.

Syed Hamid said missions were allowed to follow normal political developments. "But offering or providing support to political parties and NGOs supporting those parties is improper and incompatible with their duties."

He said the "intention to interfere" was seen by comments from US State Department spokesman James Rubin.

Rubin congratulated Malaysia on the results of its elections but expressed concern that opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was in jail, "having been convicted in a questionable proceeding."

Rubin said ruling party figures also enjoyed advantages including the election's timing and unequal access to the media by the opposition.

"I think our demoracy works better than in the US," Syed Hamid retorted.

The foreign minister, who gave no details of alleged foreign funding or support, said Malaysia sought friendship with all countries. "But we will not be told how to conduct our government or political affairs."

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