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Si Munafik ini juga hina Islam

Date: 06 Dec 1999
Time: 03:21:21


Abdul Kadir said he would not be surprised if PAS made "several mistakes" especially when it tries to implement policies that create controversy and problems.

"PAS has to learn. Before, as an opposition party, PAS can easily criticise the Government but now PAS has to face the problem of a being a government in a multi-racial country.

"I am sure they will make mistakes and they should implement what they promised and not cheat the people. When they implement their promises they will realise it is not that easy because their ideas create problems and controversy."

"PAS has to be careful as the Constitution confers rights and protection to all races," he said when asked if the proposal was against the Constitution.

+ berbeza dengan reaksi parti-parti bukan Islam yang kita semua boleh faham, si pemimpin UMNO keparat ini menunjukkan sifat munafiknya yang menghina Islam secara terang-terangan.

Last changed: December 06, 1999