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DAP tetap bersama BA.

Date: 03 Dec 1999
Time: 03:16:09


DAP: No pullout if all keep to manifesto

The DAP will not pull out of the Barisan Alternatif as long as the component parties adhere to the common manifesto. Newly elected party chairman Lim Kit Siang said the question of DAP pulling out does not arise because "we contested in the general election with the other component parties on a common platform for a just Malaysia and good governance."

"So long as all the component parties adhere and keep faith with the common manifesto, there is a basis for continued co-operation."

But when asked if this meant that DAP would pull out of the pact if PAS continued with its Islamisation process, Lim said: "I did not say anything of that nature."

When asked how DAP could keep a check on the spiral of Islamisation policies by PAS, Lim said this could only be ensured if "all parties in Barisan Alternatif keep faith with the common manifesto."

Lim, however, said DAP was concerned that PAS' dominance and Umno's electoral setback could lead Umno to embark on its own Islamisation policies to win back Malay support.

Last changed: December 03, 1999