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Terengganu dan Kelantan akan Unggul

Date: 01 Dec 1999
Time: 19:55:07


KUALA TERENGGANU, Dec 1 (Bernama) -- Civil servants on state pay-roll can look forward to a five-day working week when the newly-elected PAS-led Terengganu government honours its pledges contained in the party's election manifesto.

The manifesto fixed Friday and Saturday as rest days for state civil service.

It also pledged state civil servants a 90-day maternity leave and a week's leave for husbands.

Newly-appointed Menteri Besar Abdul Hadi Awang had said that the state government would urgently implement these pledges as they involved the people's welfare.

Hadi and his state executive councillors would be sworn in tomorrow.

PAS also pledged in the manifesto to abolish toll at the Sultan Mahmud Bridge and assessment rates on residential premises.

To ease the burden on petty-traders, the state ruling party would streamline the system for licensing and siting of stalls and temporary eateries as well as provide facilities for night-market hawkers.

The PAS-led state government would introduce the concept of people's " syura" (consultation) in implementing policies and upholding an Islamic administration based on the Quran.

In the manifesto, PAS pledged to ensure transparency in administrative policies and procedures and to allow administrators and officers freedom in implementing state policies.

PAS also pledged accountability in management of state finances and to prioritise development projects.

The manifesto said the state government would seek a more equitable oil royalty "of at least 20 per cent" from the federal government.

PAS would also make it conditional that the state government holds equity stakes in all oil and gas-related investments in Terengganu and seek greater contribution from Petronas, the national oil corporation, towards tertiary education for Terengganu people.

On legal and judicial matters, PAS pledged to reinforce syariah laws and prepare syariah courts to administer criminal and civil laws.

According to the manifesto, the state government would restructure the Terengganu civil service to unify state administrative service officers with those of the state religious administrative service.

PAS would also create a state economic council, representing the various expertise of the community, and restructure state economic policies to meet Islamic requirements and make oil royalty as the catalyst for Terengganu's economic development.

PAS also proposed to set up a high technology research agency to generate economic growth based on petroleum and gas, timber, marine and water, energy and mineral resources, among others.

The manifesto said that members of local authorities would be appointed based on merit and expertise, representing the various races and religions.

PAS also pledged to allow non-Muslims the freedom to practise their religions and cultures besides equal rights.

In the manifesto, PAS also promised to review and introduce laws relating to land matters based on Islamic principles and lift the freeze on land applications.

PAS would provide opportunities for ownership of land for residential purposes and expedite issuance of title deeds to land-scheme settlers.

PAS also pledged to expand the role of women in community services as well as protect them from any forms of exploitation besides safeguarding their roles in socio-economic development, education, employment and the family institution. -- BERNAMA

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