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What Is MAHAFIRAUN Not Capable Of Doing ?

Date: 01 Dec 1999
Time: 03:31:41


What Is MAHAFIRAUN Not Capable Of Doing ?

After witnessing the many things which MAHAFIRAUN had done over the last few years, especially, one wonders just what else could he possibly do towards the end of his premiership? The general elections!

Yes, MAHAFIRAUN was even capable of ensuring his win in his own constituency, and that of his close associates, and the general elections as a whole, conceding a few major political features and other unknowns within the Barisan Nasional circle, as a way of assuaging the ever critical Malaysian and international public of its cleanlinest!

How could the last Malaysian general elections be the dirtiest ever? Only MAHAFIRAUNcould tell.

I for one, feel that there was a lot of things that were wrong with it. And my greatest suspicion lies with the Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya and the voters, whom were not accountable. Nobody knows really who voted where and when.

Worse still, there could have been a series of errors in the tabulation of the counting of the voters. And there is the perennial fear that the SPR themselves were not above board.

One suspects that those who had voted by post, especially those in the uniform units, such as the police and army, could not know who they had voted and for whom. For all we know, these votes that had been earmarked for BN leaders were dumped into their areas.

I do not feel comfortable when I saw how Rafidah, Daim, Samy and Leong Sik, including MAHAFIRAUN himself could have won.

And there were many other BN candidates who had won on a small margin. They had challenged major Barisan Alternatif leaders who could not have lost.

So, basically, I believe there that the last elections were certainly 'the dirtiest ever'. Even MAHAFIRAUN had said so. And I am only repeating him. But, unfortunately, MAHAFIRAUN will not give the same reasons for BA's defeat as mine.

One cannot be sure with the results, as they were conducted by the SPR, a government agency controlled by MAHAFIRAUN.

If MAHAFIRAUN could control all the other agencies, why can't he also control SPR.


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