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[kini-malaysia] Our Final Appeal

Date: 29 Nov 1999
Time: 07:03:17


[kini-malaysia] Our Final Appeal

Our Final Appeal

This election campaign period has seen the injustice of the existing BN controlled electoral system reaching new heights. Despite the lies, deceit, tricks and unfairness of the elections, the BA has refused to go down to the level of the BN. We have refused to respond in kind. And we will honour our pledge to ensure peace and stability when the results are announced despite the obvious injustices we have seen. We urge all our supporters and other Malaysians to do likewise. In the meantime, we urge all Malaysians to remember what this election is supposed to be about.

Is corruption the price of progress?

Is cronyism the cost of success?

Is oppression the cost of stability?

Is injustice the price of development?

The answers are clear.

Who promised the dirtiest election ever? And kept his word?

Who has threatened violence and instability?

Who divides the people and tells different lies with their double faces?

Who has borrowed and spent heavily to save themselves and their cronies?

Who has avoided the real issues facing the country?

Again, you know who.

No more fear. No more bullying. No more bribery. No more arrogance.

We want peace. We want unity. We want clean and competent government.

We want humility, transparency and accountability.

The Alternative Front Will Involve The People To Serve You Better.

The issues are clear.

Do not turn back the tide of history.

Return the government to the people.

Save Malaysia.

You Deserve Better.

So, please vote wisely. And vote with your conscience.



28 November 1999

Last changed: November 29, 1999