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[the-malaysian] Media Briefing Sunday 28th Nov. 99

Date: 29 Nov 1999
Time: 07:00:02


[the-malaysian] Media Briefing Sunday 28th Nov. 99

Media Briefing Sunday 28th Nov. 99

For todayís media briefing we would like to raise certain issues that are all related to the dirty tricks employed by Barisan Nasional in the run-up to the 10th General Elections.

News About KeADILan "Members Resigning"

There has been much coverage in the local print and electronic media about keADILan members that are alleged to have resigned from the party. Amongst some of these people reported as resigning are Abdullah Che Man, Ahzar Harun, and Stephen Doss. Azhar Harun was NOT the propaganda chief of keADILan as claimed. In fact, keADILan does NOT have such a post, and the reason they are speaking out against keADILan is because they asked for money but keADILan refused to entertain this request.

We would like to state that these so-called "members" are NOT members of keADILan at all and they had never joined the party. Since they never became keADILan members in the first place, there is no issue of them "resigning". The Barisan Alternatif is of the view that this is just one of MANY election dirty tricks being employed by Barisan Nasional in its desperate attempt to perpetuate their rule.

Bachok Division

The statement by Che Mat Deria, Muhamad Jusoh, and Ismail Muhamad of the Bachok Division closing down is another malicious lie. The REAL Ketua Bahagian, Encik Mohd Yatim Bin Ismail, has already made a police report on the matter. (Copies circulated).

Doctored Photos Of Anwar Ibrahim

A few days ago we had warned the public that METRO plans to publish doctored photos of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim dancing with another woman. The issue is not whether Anwar was dancing with another woman, or not, but the fact that these photos are fakes, doctored to give the impression that Anwar is an immoral person. We find it disturbing that Anwar is being depicted in that negative light whereas in the same series of photos they show the Prime Minister dancing with a young under-aged boy and the media does not find this immoral. (Picture shown for all to see).

Bogus Harakah

Harakah to issue a separate statement on this matter.


Over the last few days there has been numerous police reports made on incidences of violence, kidnapping, intimidation, vandalism, and the like. KeADILanís branch office at Jalan Kuchai Lama has been surrounded by 70 to 80 UMNO people, trapping the Ketua Cawangan and about 20 keADILan workers inside. A keADILan worker was kidnapped and taken to the UMNO Seputeh Bahagian office where he was beaten up. Our workers have been set upon and attacked by UMNO workers. Cars bearing BA flags have been vandalised, and many, many more incidences which are just too numerous to report. Countless police reports have been made but, so far, no action has been taken by the authorities.

Cars and motorcycles bearing BA flags have been going round town causing traffic jams. People stuck in the traffic jams are being verbally abused with foul and obscene language. Residents sleeping in their homes have been rudely woken up from their sleep by people dressed as BA workers. And the long list of provocation goes on.

We have been told that tonight, at midnight, there will be massive rallies and processions of cars and motorcycles that will be carrying BA flags. These convoys are meant to give the impression that BA supporters are being a nuisance and going round causing trouble. We suspect that there is also a danger of violence breaking out if these convoys are left unchecked.

Posters Of The Cabinet Lineup

There are currently posters of the so-called "Barisan Alternatif Cabinet Lineup" being pasted all over town showing, amongst others, Lim Kit Siang as the BAís Deputy Prime Minister. The Barisan Alternatif would like to deny that these posters came from the BA. The BA suspects that these posters have been produced, and are being circulated, by parties opposed to the BA.

Seditious Advertising From The Barisan Nasional

The Barisan Alternatif strongly condemns the Barisan Nasionalís election advertising campaign which is aimed at raising hatred against Islam by implying that a vote for the Barisan Alternatif would be a vote for Islamic law. The Barisan Alternatifís Election Manifesto has clearly addressed this issue and neither the BA Election Manifesto nor PASí 37 page Party Constitution mention the setting up of an Islamic state as being within their agenda.

The advertising campaign is also aimed at blackmailing the voters by hinting of impending riots in the event that the Barisan Nasional loses the election. These scare tactics are designed to force the voters to vote for the Barisan Nasional or face the risk of a security problem.

Rustam Sani

Official Spokesman For Parti Alternatif

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