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[kini-malaysia] Fw: Election News

Date: 29 Nov 1999
Time: 06:54:03


[kini-malaysia] Fw: Election News

-----Original Message----- From: Pink Panther <> To: eGroups (keADILan) <> Date: Monday, November 29, 1999 12:06 PM Subject: Election News

1. It seems some of the new voters amongst the 680,000 classified "not yet registered to vote" have gone to check their names and have found that they ARE registered after all. Maybe we should announce this and ask those who think they may not be eligible to vote to go anyway and check. Who knows? They may find their names as some others have found.

2. Some of the voters who went to the BA markas to check their names could not find it. But then, on going to the BN markas, they found that their names were there. Therefore, if any of our supporters come to our BA markas and cannot find their names, they should go and check at the BA markas.

3. Some people have complained that the pencils don't mark very well when they mark the BA box on the ballot paper. We have checked and have found that the BA "box" on the ballot papers are waxed. That's why the pencils don't mark well. Ask the voters to either press hard (to penetrate the wax) or scratch the wax off with their fingernails before marking the ballot paper.


Raja Petra

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