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Terengganu PAS wants govt based on Quran.

Date: 26 Nov 1999
Time: 01:47:09


Terengganu PAS wants govt based on Quran

By Wan Hamidi Hamid and Mustafa Kamal Basri

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Terengganu Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) has come up with its own state manifesto, calling for the establishment of a "government based on Al-Quran and sunnah (prophetic traditions)," a pre-requisite for an Islamic state.

However, the manifesto does not mention the introduction of hudud law (Islamic penal code).

Unlike the Kelantan PAS manifesto, Terengganu PAS does not specifically spell out the details of an Islamic state administration, despite the explicit intention of governance based on the Quran and sunnah which is the essence of an Islamic state.

While Terengganu PAS has yet to have an official launch of its manifesto, thousands of copies have been distributed throughout the state.

The manifesto promises the sovereignty of "Darul Iman" (the governance of faith) for Terengganu where all the people would practise Islam as Ad-din (the way of life).

In the foreword to the manifesto, state PAS chief Abdul Hadi Awang, who is defending his Marang parliamentary seat and Ru Rendang state seat, said Muslims had been influenced by secularism which separated religion from the administration of the state.

He said such situation existed in the form of total rejection of religion such as those happened in the communist countries and contemporary Turkey.

Another form of secularism, he said, allowed religion to be practised only in rituals, family laws and personal property that did not give power to Islamic laws to rule against matters deemed to be against Islam.

"The second way is practised in the western world and in Muslim countries which had been colonised such as Malaysia.

"Therefore, practices that have been banned by Islam cannot be prevented totally. In fact some practices are permitted by the government such as vice-related entertainment, sale and consumption of liquor, gambling and others."

He said Terengganu could be a better state if the leaders were sincere and fully committed to the principles of Islam.

The manifesto promises to ban all forms of gambling and vices, and to limit the issuance of liquor and other alcoholic drinks licences.

Its also promises to guarantee the freedom of non-Muslims to practise their own religion and culture.

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