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Date: 25 Nov 1999
Time: 19:14:48



I knew BN was dirty but I never imagined they would stoop so low.

In no uncertain terms, Mahatir and his Ministers have said that if the Opposition has received financial assistance from foreign countries, they are traitors and puppets. Mahatirís UMNO is receiving money for the elections from Brunei. The money is sent to Singapore and Money Changers are being used as mules to bring the money into the country. I know this as I work with a money changer who is doing this. Not only is the BN breaking all the exchange control laws but also laundering questionable funds from overseas. It therefore appears that Mahatir is the Grand Puppet Master after all. Since he controls everything with an iron fist, who is going to expose him, certainly not the money changers who are laughing all the way to the bank.

Rafidah is all worked up about the exposure given by the foreign media to the Opposition. Why should she complain. BN controls or owns local papers and all national TV channels have been brainwashed. The Opposition cannot have their say, in writing or speech. It is utterly disgusting that they keep harping on the virtues of Mahatir and UMNO. 24 hours a day, they shuff BNís achievements down our throats. They are quite oblivious of the fact that Mahatir, his Ministers and his cronies have plundered the country. The recent spate of advertisements run by the Malaysian papers do nothing to belittle the opposition but shows how desperate the BN is to swing votes their way. These newspapers have broken every law and rule in the book by playing on the sentiments of the unsuspecting voters. Who is man enough to throw the book at Mahatir?

The BN has a good track record. Nobody disputes this. We cannot live by good roads, monuments or sky-scrappers alone. We also need good governance, self-respect, justice and the right to reject all that is wrong with the system.

BN is strong both in deeds and financially. Why have they become cheats, liars and scoundrels? Why has BN resorted to the dirtiest political campaign ever? Why are they so worried about checks and balances if they lose the two-third majority? It appears that BN is fighting tooth and nail to retain their two-third majority. They do not appear to want to be accountable. Just what are they trying to hide? The voters can let Mahatir be Prime Minister but he should be accountable to them.

Kruschev, a former Russian Premier once remarked ďof what use is a developed and advanced nation like USA if their people cannot receive the basic medical careĒ? We have always taken medical care for granted. Sooner or later, Mahatir is going to take this away from the people and give its management to one of his sons. He might say his son has ample and adequate experience in running hospitals. The ground-work is already there. Decisions have been made. It is just a matter of time all the pieces are put in place. Perhaps the Chinese, Malays and the Indians should do well to consider their plight if Government Hospitals are privatized. They should visit one of Mahatirís sons Private Hospitals to get the feeling of things to come.

It appears BN is set to win. It does appear that we are going to have more of the same ie crooks, cronies and crooked deals. At least have some self-respect and secure your future by denying BN the two-thirds majority.


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