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Nazional Front launches new advertising blitzkrieg

Date: 24 Nov 1999
Time: 23:42:54


Nazional Front launches new advertising blitzkrieg

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 …. Buoyed by the remarkable success of its recent election advertising campaign, the Nazional Front today published eight new full-page newspaper advertisements focussing on issues such as violence, rule of law, loyalty, unity, the economy and foreign interference. Announcing the media blitz, Nazional Front Pro-Defamation Committee chief Ibrahim al Kataki said that he hoped the ads would highlight to voters the violent nature of the Opposition. “If these people can attack a police car today, will they attack your car tomorrow?… if they can beat up a deputy prime minister today, will they beat you up tomorrow? … ooops, bad example …”

The first advertisement carries the tagline “Say yes to violence! Vote Nazional Front!” and features a photograph of an unarmed, injured demonstrator sprawled on the ground being kicked and beaten by a group of about half a dozen FRU riot policemen. “We wanted to give a strong message that we will not tolerate violence,” Kataki said. (see

Another advertisement highlights the government’s commitment to rule of law and features a photograph of a bleeding and injured Anwar Ibrahim after his beating during detention last year. “We wanted to highlight our respect for the rule of law,” Kataki explained, “… and what we’ll do to you if you don’t respect our rule!” (see

Kataki himself is featured in another ad highlighting the importance of loyalty to the government. Featuring a smiling photograph of him, it carries the caption “Dulu, sekarang dan selamanya, UMNO …. PAS … Semangat … UMNO … MIC … SPCA …” (Yesterday, today and forever, UMNO …. PAS … Semangat … UMNO … MIC … SPCA …) (see

Unity is highighted in another advertisement which features what appears to be a united flock of sheep, but is in fact a photograph of a meeting of the UMNO Supreme Council. (see

Recognising that the economy is an important issue with the voters, the media campaign includes an advertisement calling on voters to re-elect the government for a strong, stable economy. The ad features three corporate giants of the Malaysian economy - Perwaja Steel, Bank Bumiputra and Renong Berhad - who, between them, are in debt to the tune of over RM 22.4 billion. (see

Another campaign ad warns voters to beware of foreign interference and foreigners out to re-colonise the country. This particular public service message was kindly sponsored by Bank Negara financial advisors Salomon Smith & Barney. (see

An eighth advertisement had the message “Don’t let mob rule lead us – Vote Barisan Nazional!” However, it was withdrawn at the last minute when it was discovered that the picture used with the ad was actually that of a large mob of 600 Barisan Nazional Youth attacking a peaceful East Timor conference three years ago.

Loyal Malaysians are encouraged to print out the ads and distribute them widely. Printable copies can be found at

~ by a special correspondent of 'Not The New Straits Times'

Note: The above is political advertising – so don’t believe everything you read!

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