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DAP asks for 13 seats in Penang.

Date: 24 Nov 1999
Time: 23:19:15


DAP asks for 13 seats in Penang

By K. Suthakar

PENANG: The DAP has, for the first time in its campaigning, appealed to Penang voters for 13 state seats which will bring the party within striking distance of capturing the state government.

And with Parti Keadilan Nasional gunning for eight seats in the 33-seat State Assembly, the Barisan Alternatif's ambition of taking over the state government is evident despite the low-key campagning by its leaders.

DAP deputy chairman Karpal Singh urged the crowd in a ceramah in Batu Lanchang on Tuesday night to send at least "13 rockets" to the State Assembly.

"We only had one rocket the last time. Can you give us at least 13 this time?" he asked a responsive crowd.

The DAP, which is contesting in 17 state and seven parliamentary seats in Penang, is hoping its Barisan Alternatif partners can deliver at least four seats to give the opposition a simple majority.

Karpal Singh, who is defending the Jelutong parliamentary and contesting in the Datuk Kramat state seat, urged the people to vote for a stronger opposition.

Penang Keadilan chairman Dr Mansor Othman said the party had a "fighting chance" in eight of the nine state seats it was contesting except for one in the Kepala Batas parliamentary constituency.

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