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DAP's Mano promises Segambut real voice

Date: 23 Nov 1999
Time: 23:33:38


DAP's Mano promises Segambut real voice

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP's M. Manoharan knows he is in for a tough fight to wrest the Segambut parliamentary seat from Dr Tan Kee Kwong. However, the first-timer feels he will make a better MP because he would provide "a real voice" in Parliament.

"Vote for me and you vote for an MP with a voice," said the lawyer from Banting.

"The people say Dr Tan does not voice out their problems in the Dewan Rakyat," Manoharan said.

The DAP deputy chairman of the Ehsan branch promised the people that the constituency would be "made more prominent in Parliament."

"I will be more vocal, after all I am a lawyer who is used to voicing out my arguments," he said.

He said the problems faced by the people include floods, lack of teachers, toll issues and traffic problems which involved various ministries.

Manoharan, while conceding that Dr Tan was "a strongman" said he would use the little time he had till polling day to garner support from the people.

Dr Tan, who is Gerakan vice-president, won with a majority of 12,158 votes against DAP's Abdul Muluk Daud in the last election.

And while Manoharan has just the next week to garner people' support, Dr Tan said he had since a month ago made all preparations for his campaign.

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