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Opposition front to counter BN ad blitz

Date: 22 Nov 1999
Time: 23:53:02


Opposition front to counter BN ad blitz

PETALING JAYA: The opposition coalition Barisan Alternatif is printing its own advertisements and distributing them in its house-to-house campaign to counter the Barisan Nasional's advertising blitz in the media.

Its spokesman Rustam Sani claimed this was because the opposition was unable to place advertisements in the mainstream press.

He told a press conference at the Parti Keadilan Nasional headquarters yesterday the opposition was also printing pictures of police violence to counter the Barisan ads which showed demonstrators in the reformasi street protests acting violently.

"We have to set the facts straight that the violence did not come from us. We were merely exercising our right to demonstrate," Rustam said.

Meanwhile, Keadilan's Indian co-ordinating committee chairman P.S. Jenapala refuted press statements by R.N. Rajah who claimed to be the Indian campaign committee organising secretary that a few thousand Indians were set to quit the party.

"There is no such committee and no Indian member has resigned since the statement was made," Jenapala said.

In Penang, DAP secretary-general Lim Kit Siang lodged a third police report against Barisan for placing "fear and scare" advertisements in several dailies yesterday.

Lim lodged the report at the Pulau Tikus police station, alleging Barisan had committed offences under the Election Offences Act, Sedition Act, Penal Code and Printing Presses and Publications Act.

George Town OCPD Senior Asst Comm (II) Mustafa Abdullah confirmed the report.

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