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Aliran AGM Resolves to Take Murad to Court

Date: 21 Nov 1999
Time: 22:11:06


Aliran AGM Resolves to Take Murad to Court

Aliran members, meeting for its 23rd Annual General Meeting in Penang, unanimously authorised the association's executive committee to initiate a civil suit against Datuk Abdul Murad bin Khalid, a former Assistant Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia.

In a Statutory Declaration sworn on 26 October 1999, which was subsequently published and broadcasted widely in the local and foreign media, Murad had alleged that "Aliran and Dr Chandra Muzaffar" had received RM5 million from the former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim via a "Master Account".

In a resolution passed, the members voiced their outrage against the wild and unfounded allegation which suggested that Aliran was a crony of Anwar Ibrahim and that Aliran was being used to further the political ambitions of the former deputy prime Minister.

The members clarified that at no point had Aliran receive any money from Anwar Ibrahim. Throughout the 1992-1997 period, neither Aliran nor its executive committee members had any formal contact or dealings with Anwar Ibrahim. In fact, articles critical of Anwar and policies associated with him were published in the Aliran Monthly.

Aliran accounts for the years 1992-1999 were made available to the press and would be published in the next issue of Aliran Monthly for public scrutiny.

The meeting also resolved that all monetary award gained from this civil suit would be used to set up a foundation which would make funds avaulable to Malaysian NGOs and individuals fighting for the causes of justice, freedom, multi-ethnic and multi-religious cooperation and unity. Aliran itself will not utilise a single sen of any monies gained for itself.

Finally, Aliran members expressed regret that this Murad episode might have been used by certain parties for political purposes, namely to cast aspersions against those critical of the present government.

Re-elected as Aliran officers were: P. Ramakrishnan (President), Dr Francis Loh (Secretary), Dr S. P. Subramaniam (Treasurer), Dr Mustafa K Anuar (Asst-Secretary). Other Exco members elected were:

Dr Maznah Mohamad Anil Netto Zaharom Nain S Francis Xavier A Jeyaseelan Gan Kong Hwee Jubal Lourdes Pajan Singh Dr Chan Chee Khoon Dr Prema Devaraj Dr Khoo Boo Teik

P. Ramakrishnan President 21 November 1999

Last changed: November 21, 1999