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Faked Anwar Sex Video on TV

Date: 18 Nov 1999
Time: 22:43:42


Faked Anwar Sex Video on TV


A faked sex video of "Anwar Ibrahim" having sex with a woman is next on the cards on Malaysian TV.

The video produced in US by Satchi & Satchi, one of consultants engaged by Malaysian Premier Mahathir.

The woman in video purportedly having sex with an imposter "Anwar" would also be interviewed live on Malaysian TV.

This very dirty scheme by Malaysian Prime Minister expected to be shown few days or night before Malaysia's general election on 29 November.

Malaysians believed also able to make them fakes.

So maybe someone should do - Mudguard Joynid eating Shiti Arsemah.

That would be a classic.

Heehaw heehaw...

Last changed: November 18, 1999