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The Election 99

Date: 18 Nov 1999
Time: 22:20:43


The Election 99

Here are some brief but important suggestions:

NOMINATION DAY - an important day

1) Make sure the nomination papers of the would-be candidates arefilled up CORRECTLY and ACCURATELY. The SPR officers-in-charge at the nomination centres, will look out for any fault, even a spelling error, simple omission or ambiguity , to disqualify you. Make sure you and several others go through the same forms to check them thoroughly, several times.

2) Be punctual at the nomination centers.

3) Get as many support as possible to accompany the would-be candidates. I believe this time it is legal to "demonstrate", and impress the mass media.

4) Candidates, stay away from "troubles" to avoid being disqualify ordetain under ISA, OSA, etc.

5) If Br Anwar Ibrahim is contesting, submit a SECOND candidate (may be as an independent, or someone from another BA component party) for the constituency. If the SPR officers decide to disqualify Anwar, then the SECOND candidate will represent BA. If Anwar can contest, that SECOND candidate will withdraw. Don't ever give BN a walk-over.

EAST MALAYSIA - an important place.

There about 25% of MP seats from Sarawak and Sabah. The results here may decide if BA can form the next government. To win the election, BA has to be very serious in this areas, and parties leaders must come up with effective plans and also to make visits there. Hopefully, BA has already been working hard in these areas, and cooperating and teaming up with the local parties there to ensure 1-to-1 fight with BN. Since this time, voting in these areas will take place in one day, plan and encourage voters, especially in the rural areas, to come out early to vote. Help provide transportation.

680,000 DENIED VOTERS - an important role to play.

If I were one of you, I would be pissed off, because the BN government deliberately denied my right to vote! I would get even with them! There are many suggestions about the roles you could play. At least, TRY to make sure that your parents, family members, neighbours, friends, colleagues vote for BA. For those of you who have not, please volunteer to help during the election campaign. I have experienced this in the past, believe me, it was fun and exciting, and I treasure those moments.

FAIR MEDIA COVERAGE - an important missing tool

This is a tragic loss for the BA. It is evil and desperate on the part of BN. They know that it is an import tool. BN is using the mass media to poison the minds of the people and to sway the votes of those sitting on the fence. Time is short. Its difficult but, BA can still win without it Harakah, the Rocket and others have to work hard, 24 hrs a day. Others can print out GOOD articles from the Internet; reproduce documents and publish articles & replies daily to counter to the BN lies on the media. And importantly, create an effective network of distribution of these materials in cities and kampongs. Discourage the folks from believing what they watch on TV's or read from government newspapers. Instead, help stop spreading of fitnahs.

CAMPAIGNING - an important period for all

Please volunteer. Help ANY BA candidate regardless of race or religion. It is a 24 hour job. Concentrate on your local areas. Be on the guard. Protect the BA posters or banners. Report any vandals or wrong-doings. Use cameras Pass around messages about the ceramahs or rallies taking place in your local areas.

POLLING DAY - the Day.

To Polling Agents, Counting Agents and volunteers, be honest, courageous and firm. Look out for fraud! To others, encourage all come and vote. Help with transportation. Good Luck!

REMEMBER, this is one opportunity that may never happen again. I'm sure you want to be part of Malaysian's history who contribute to the change of the nation. You can share this with your future generation. I'm going to miss all the fun since I'm out of the country.

Good Luck & Salam to all Malaysians, LAWAN TETAP LAWAN.

From: An Overseas Malay.

Last changed: November 18, 1999